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Donor Behind Our Jewish Future

Who is the donor for Our Jewish Future?

This amazing, generous, and visionary donor has chosen to remain anonymous, and wishes to be known only as "Papa Joe." He selected this name to honor the memory of his own grandparents, and to emphasize the sacred obligation that each generation has to support the next generation of Jews.

How do we thank Papa Joe for Our Jewish Future?

The night that Temple Emanu-El announced Our Jewish Future, families signed a banner and children decorated cards reading "Thank You, Papa Joe." These good wishes and kind expressions of gratitude filled Papa Joe's heart with joy. Please feel free to write or decorate your family's own message of thanks and know that it will be received with delight by Papa Joe!

Can I donate to Our Jewish Future?

Thank you for your excitement about and support for Our Jewish Future! We would love for you to be a part of this sacred and groundbreaking initiative by making a contribution to scholarship and educational programs at Temple Emanu-El Religious School. Please call Barry Gerber at (941) 228- 7459 so that we can speak with you further.

Tue, September 26 2023 11 Tishrei 5784