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Our Educational Philosophy

The foundation of our education experience is strengthened by implementing the following curriculums:  The Creative Curriculum and Assessment, The Kindness Curriculum, as well as incorporating knowledge gained from Teaching Strategies Gold Assessments.

Our educational philosophy is based on the following 10 principles:

Children learn through being actively involved in their own education.

Children learn through discovery in an enriching environment.

Teachers act as catalysts to learning by providing activities which allow the children to think and ask questions, promoting problem solving skills.

Our curriculum encourages both physical and mental development in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our curriculum covers such areas of learning as language, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, creative movement, dramatic play, and computers.

Children learn how to deal with their feelings and frustrations in safe and appropriate ways.

Activities are structured for individuals as well as groups.

Each child is included and becomes a contributing member of the group.

We encourage diversity and accept any preschool age child regardless of race, gender, or religious background.

Our school and parents are partners in their children's education.



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