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Endowment Fund

Fae Beloff and Grandson Aaron - planning for the future!

Give today to create a foundation of future impact.

Each gift becomes more valuable with time.  The Endowment Fund of Temple Emanu-El was created in 1994 to ensure long term stability and allow congregants to support our community based on personal circumstances and preferences. The Endowment Fund provides for physical growth and enhancements of Temple Emanu-El while its earnings can support daily operations, special programs and critical needs.  

Help our endowment grow and make a significant impact for future generations.  Let’s explore how your gift can be personalized to align with your individual goals.

Congregants have supported Temple Emanu-El through:

  • Cash Donations
  • Security Transfers
  • Planned Gifts (Wills, Trusts, Retirement Accounts & Life Insurance)
  • Charitable Trusts

By making a pledge to our Endowment Fund you will contribute to the continued growth and sustainability of our Temple Emanu-el community. This permanent Endowment will ensure future generations will have access to the same quality programs we provide today. Your support will ensure we meet the needs of our congregation for many years to come and hopefully in perpetuity.  

Please email us HERE or call the temple at (941) 371-2788 for more information. Create your Jewish Life & Legacy right now!

Sincere thanks and appreciation to the following congregants who have joined our Life & Legacy donor circle:

Alterman, Miriam & Dr. Hal  Koziol, Isaac & Judith
Anderson, Scott  Lakritz, Lowell S. & Joffe, Linda
Berg, Rabbi Aviva & Arthur Bernberg Levinson, Stan & Louise
Benjamin, Barry & Suzy Levitan, Michael & Sandy
Bernstein, Donald & Barbara Maguire, Joanne
Bernstein, Karen & Thomas Levenson, Joan & Bart 
Berson, Roberta & Tucciarone, Frank Malawsky, Donald M.
Brizdle, Barbara Meltzer, Barbara & Philip
Cahn, Judy Myers, Helene & William
Cohen, Adrienne Newman, Larry & Barbara
Cohen, Wendy & Jeff Oppen, Steve 
Cohen, Norman & Diane Perlmutter, Betty
Cohn, Sol Reens, Karla & Dennis
Cotler, Denise & Jonathan Herz-Midler Richker, Michael & Blum, Joan
Cotman, Alice Ross, Irving & Doris
Davis, Helene Roth, Terry & Sam 
Dreyfuss, Phyllis Silverglat, Cindy & Alan
Ernst, Meredith & Al Simon, Kenneth & Susan
Feuerstein, David Steinberg, Joan
Friedman, Michael & Lynn Stengel, Deborah 
Gerber, Barbara & Barry Stern, Bernice
Gibbs, Judy & Bruce Sterne, Judliee
Glickman, Elaine & Brenner Taksen, Kenneth
Gluck, Marlies Temple-Chechik, Diane
Goldberg, Sandra & Howard Vorchheimer, Neal & Jane
Goldfarb Dori & Jeff Maggard Wachs, Eleanor
Green, Carol & Jules Weed, Gloria & Bill
Halpern, Toby & Eugene Werbelow, Louise & Judson
Hayden, Paula Wicks, Wendy & Conrad
Hughes, Rhea & Palmer Wieckowski, Michele 
Kilman, Howard & Susan Yonker, Debra & Mark Freed


Of Blessed Memory:

Arch, Barbara
Cohen, Eunice
Cutler, Shirley
Gilden, Jacqueline
Gold, Renee & Bert
Popp, Douglas
Rosenberg, Harold
Rosenthal, Marjorie
Shays, Rona
Simons, Ruth
Spindler, Joan & Marvin
Tanner, Sylvan


Tue, September 26 2023 11 Tishrei 5784