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Dear Papa Joe,

What a mitzvah for the congregation and for Judaism. We are told that the soul is made up of all of the acts we have performed in our lifetime. They can be small or large. This act of tzedakah will be helping generations to come, and your kindness and generosity will live on.

Thank you,

Dr. Ike Koziol, Temple Emanu-El Board of Trustees


We couldn’t be more grateful!! This contribution matters to families like mine. I want to continue with our daughters’ Jewish education, but the cost has often been a hindrance – especially in a mixed-faith family. So from the bottom of my heart, we thank Papa Joe.

The Jeffersons  ❤️  Tammy, Chris, Alexandra, and Zoe


My son is grown, but I have tears in my eyes and gratitude in my heart about this gift for young families. I'm amazed by the generosity of the donor, the sincere excitement of the rabbis and board, and how this temple endeavors to clear obstacles for everyone and help all. 

Barbara Field


This gift and announcement are so extraordinary, powerful, uplifting, transformative, intentional, meaningful, supportive, kind, sustainable, and just solid tikkum olam! Papa Joe has created equal access to a Jewish future. Wowowowoww!!!!
Mazel Mazel Mazel! May families continue to feel connected to their Jewish identity!
With hope and love,

Amy F. Weinberger, M. Ed.

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784