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Havurah Groups

Havurah means "fellowship.” Our Havurah program consists of groups of like-minded temple members who get together on a regular basis to share a meal and camaraderie. Some Havurot share holiday meals and celebrations together or gather to discuss topics of Jewish interest, while others are strictly social. Group sizes vary as well, since meetings are held in one another's homes.

Havurah is just one more way the friendly members of Temple Emanu-El get to know each other better, forming an even closer relationship. They also provide a fun way to participate in temple activities and special events. Most Havurot become like extended family, enjoying good times together and supporting one another in sad times.  Andi Lieberman or Nikki Queen, Havurah Co-Chairs


Members In the Middle

Members in the Middle is a temple group for members and their families in their 40's and 50's. The group offers social gatherings, volunteer opportunities, special temple events, lunch meet-ups, museums, shows and more. Contact Leslie Podolsky for more information.


Aviva Temple Emanu-El Kaffeeklatsch 

The Kobernick Coffee Klatch meets monthly with either Rabbi Brenner Glickman or Rabbi Michael Shefrin. The purpose of these gatherings is so that members who are unable to come to temple still have a connection to our great rabbis, along with other temple members. The Havurah was started by Renee Gold when she and he husband Bert moved to Kobernick, the Independent Living section of Aviva.​​​​​​ In Rabbi Michael Shefrin's words, "What a special time it is when the community comes together in this way."


Social Senior Singles

The Social Senior Singles welcomes single temple members ages 60+ to attend a variety of monthly events at the temple and at other area locations. The group offers an opportunity to visit with old friends and make new ones. Contact Lynne Spencer for more information.

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