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Our Jewish Future is a brand-new initiative to make synagogue membership and religious school affordable, accessible, and meaningful for young Jewish and interfaith families. By underwriting almost the full cost of membership dues, Our Jewish Future encourages and enables parents and children to experience Jewish learning, Jewish life, Jewish community, and Jewish joy. Our Jewish Future is a pilot program in its first year, and Temple Emanu-El is grateful to have been selected as the beneficiary!

Who benefits from Our Jewish Future?

Our Jewish Future benefits and supports every Jewish and interfaith family with a child in kindergarten through 10th grade. 

When does Our Jewish Future start?

Our Jewish Future has launched! As soon as you join Temple Emanu-El, or renew your membership, you will be a part of this wonderful program. We can't wait to share the year ahead with you and your family! 

How long will Our Jewish Future last?

Our amazing donor “Papa Joe” has endowed Our Jewish Future to last for at least the next 20 years. All Jewish and interfaith families at Temple Emanu-El are invited to be part of Our Jewish Future as long as they have a child in kindergarten through 10th grade.

How can our family sign up for Our Jewish Future?

  • Current Members of Temple Emanu-El: It couldn't be easier to register! When you receive your Temple Emanu-El membership renewal form, you will find that it already reflects the gift from Our Jewish Future. Simply renew your membership at the new Our Jewish Future level, and welcome to a wonderful year ahead!
  • Unaffiliated Jewish and interfaith families: We would love for you and your family to be a part of Our Jewish Future! Please click here for the Temple Emanu-El membership application form (be sure to check the "Our Jewish Future" family dues level), and here for the Temple Emanu-El Religious School registration form. We look forward to getting to know your family and to welcoming you to a wonderful year ahead!

How can I become a Parent Pillar?

We are grateful for Temple Emanu-El's Parent Pillars, who have chosen to continue supporting the congregation at their previous dues level. Their generous financial commitment ensures that Temple Emanu-El, and Our Jewish Future, will continue to thrive and to serve as a center of Jewish family life on the Suncoast. Ryan and Sepi Ackerman and Gary and Dr. Lauren Kurnov chair the Parent Pillars and welcome your interest and questions. 

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